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Thomas Ascioglu

Thomas Ascioglu

Hello Earthling. Welcome to my universe.

Hi I'm Thomas and this is the viewing window into my universe.
I'm a very curious person and like to do and learn many things.
I don't think you can put a person into a box with a single label on it. E.g. describing a person with just a job title is like describing a color by its grayscale value.
That's why I would like to give you a description of what to expect on this website in terms of my skills and interests.

Creativity & Fun

Adventures: Cycling around the world, Hitchhiking, Social challenges
Images: Photography, Videography, Youtube
Music: Building my Club, DJ, Festivals, Music Production, Parties, Piano, Raves, Techno
Sports: Darts, Foosball, Football, Surfing, Skiing, Skydiving

Social Impact

Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Public speaking, Social freedom


Programming: 3D Mapping/Scene understanding, App/Web development, AR/MR/VR, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Laser Mapping, Machine Learning
Engineering: 3D printing, CNC, DIY, Maker